Spring 2017 Lab Meetings will be Wednesdays 10:30am-11:30am, location 111 Mulford (GIF Conference Room). 

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Leftover ideas from past semesters:

  • What Sam is up to.
  • What's new in ESRI online
  • Any upcoming conferences?

What we covered in Fall 2016: 

  • Jenny and Spatial Data Science, 
  • Proxima and the Dark Data Project, 
  • Stefania and mapping carbon along the coast, 
  • Drone ESA Webinar, 
  • Kelly and historical ecology, fire and data, 
  • Christine has decided on Kenya!

What we covered in Spring 2016:

  • Introduce Proxima & IGIS Dark Data
  • Develop survey for AAG historical sessions
  • New dataset wrangle: CPAD, LandTrendr, VegTracker, Climate - PRISM vs others, etc
  • RUCS Model 
  • Web of Mgmt for CA 
  • Dark Data 
  • AAG Dry Run
  • Drone demo
  • NPS land cover change comparsions 
  • California Fire-Veg-Climate-Mgmt
  • Summer Field Planning - Christine

What we covered in Fall 2015: 

  • Alice Kelly Job Talk 
  • Welcome to the semester, plan for the Fall 
  • Spatial Data Science & CyberGIS catch up with papers 
  • Christine's NSF workshop 
  • Jenny's work on parks and vegetation change 
  • Kim Rodrigues - guest workshop
  • Stefania lidar and owl results 

What we covered in Spring 2015:

  • Jenny's patial Data Science paper 
  • Alice's NPS conference presentation - meet our newest grad student Christine Wilkinson / Jenny
  • Kelly's dissertation chapter 
  • Vignettes for SDS 
  • Workshop VTM paper
  • Kelly's AAG Presentation
  • SDS Bootcamp Introduction Day 2  
  • GIF 10th anniversary brainstorm
  • Presentation by SPUR students 

What we covered in Fall 2014:

  • Miriam's plan for remote sensing
  • Alice dry run presentation
  • Jenny Spatial Data Science feedback 
  • Discussion of Various Review Articles
  • Discussion of Various Review Articles
  • Brainstorm Spatial Data Science Fundamentals for Ecologists
  • Kelly, VTM and dissertation
  • SPUR students and end of the semester

What we covered in Spring 2014:

  • Reading: Young et al. 2014 + Zvoleff & An 2014
  • Alice RS + crime paper
  • HOLOS+API demo with Kevin
  • Melissa - tree survival at Blodgett
  • Walkability - Sam and Paulina
  • Miriam Dissertation talk
  • Kelly Easterday prospectus
  • Shufei Dissertation talk
  • Pengfeng Xiao research presentation
  • Shufei Lei ANREP talk on SNA

What we covered in Fall 2013:

  • Intro to R Bootcamp
  • Alice Kelly - Postdoc research intro and feedback
  • IGIS with Maggi and Kelly
  • Melissa Eitzel - proposal for the SEES
  • Anu Kramer - dissertation research
  • Paulina Wong - past and current research
  • Google Earth Engine Forest Change Webinar
  • Rui Huang current work
  • Shufei - Social Network Analysis

What we covered in Spring 2013:

  • Writing workshops, papers and proposals
  • Python series, with Jenny, Stefania, Sam, Patrick and Melissa
  • VTM data and analyses with Patrick
  • CV building and job search tips: lessons learned and cross-industry focus
  • web databases with Shufei and Jenny
  • Reseach presentations: Sam and Ellen are at AAG
  • Refine your elevator, stump and cocktail party speeches