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Fall 2015 New Additions

This fall we welcome two new people to the lab.

Marcelo Bueno de Abreu, a doctoral student from the Geography Department at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be joining us later in the semester for a one year period. He has been awarded a Science Without Borders Scholarship to work with object-based image analysis of Brazilian and Californian landscapes. 

Christine Wilkinson will be joining us as a PhD student. She comes to us from the Cal Academy, and has research and management experience in East Africa. She is interested in using an integrated approach to human-wildlife conflict analysis, including spatial analyses, behavioral ecology, and stakeholder input, to determine best practices for community-based human-wildlife conflict mitigation in wildlife dispersal areas in East Africa.  Christine is also part of the first cohort of students in the new NSF-funded project on campus Data Science for the 21st Century: Environment and Society (DS421).


Kellys are off to Chicago!

Kelly Easterday, Alice Kelly and Maggi Kelly (it is not required to be named Kelly in the Kellylab, however!) are off to the AAGs in Chicago this week. 

  • Kelly will be presenting on our VTM work: "Quantifying diversity and conservation status of California's Oak trees using the historic Vegetation Type Mapping (VTM) dataset." She will be part of an organized Historical Ecology session. 
  • Alice will be presenting her paper: "Policing Paradise: The Evolution of Law Enforcement in US National Parks" as part of the session on Green Violence 2: Interrogating New Conflicts over Nature and Conservation. 
  • Other former kellylabbers include:
    • Desheng Liu, now at the Ohio State University, who will be presenting on "Spatial-Temporal Markovian Support Vector Classifier: A Next-Generation Classifier" in the Spatial Analysis Methods session. 
    • Ellen Kersten, postdoc at UC Berkeley, who will be presenting on "Spatial triage, spatial justice? A critical evaluation of geospatial approaches to health equity research and policy" in the #CritGIS: Social Justice and GIS: Past, Present, and Future session. 
    • John Connor, graduate student at ASU, who will be presenting on "Co-producing diversity: Land use and livelihoods in Tanzania's Kilombero Valley" in the Agricultural-Rural Production Systems and Livelihoods session. 

My talk on spatial data science: a new map for the 21st century 

From a talk I did last year at CEGA on the 21st century mapping toolkit. Just found it on You Tube.


Good news! New grant funded by Berkeley Food Institute

Great news! Jennifer Sowerwine and I have been funded for a one-year seed (get it) project from the Berkeley Food Institute entitled: “Mapping Agro-­‐Biodiversity Hotspots and Cultural Foods in the Urban Food Desert: Fostering Community Food Security, Biocultural Diversity, and Health.”

Stay tuned for updates!


Kellylabbers at GIS Day

We had a great time at 2014 GIS Day! The event took place in Mulford Hall Wednesday Nov 19th from 5-8:30pm. We had about 200 attendees who participated in workshops, listened to talks, saw posters, and networked with other like-minded GIS-enthusiasts.

Here are some of the ladies of the Kelly Lab, from left: Anu, Sarah, Alice, Jenny, Maggi, Stefania, and KellySee the agenda here: http://gif.berkeley.edu/gisday.html.