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First Graduate Certificate in GIST awarded to Miriam!

It is official! ESPM's (and the campus') first GIST certificate awardee will be Miriam Tsalyuk.

She is broadly interested in applying interdisciplinary landscape-level approach for biodiversity conservation. More specifically, she uses geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing for monitoring and conservation of rangelands in California and Southern Africa. For my PhD dissertation she is using such information to understand the environmental parameters that guide African Elephants' movement decisions across Etosha National Park, Namibia. Such understanding can inform resource management in the reserve and address human-wildlife conflict around the park.

Congrats to Miriam!


Kellylab summer lunch pic

Kellylab summer lunch!


Marek's paper wins ASPRS award!

Marek's paper "Predicting surface fuel models and fuel metrics using lidar and CIR imagery in a dense, mountainous forest" has been awarded the 2014 ERDAS Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing by ASPRS. They bestowed the award for an outstanding paper of scientific merit that advances the knowledge of remote sensing technology.

In the paper we compared the ability of several classification and regression algorithms to predict forest stand structure metrics and standard surface fuel models. We used clustering, regression trees, and support vector machine algorithms to analyze high density (average 9 pulses/m2), discrete return, smallfootprint lidar data, along with multispectral imagery.

Jakubowski, M. K., Q. Guo, B. Collins, S. Stephens, and M. Kelly. 2013. Predicting surface fuel models and fuel metrics using lidar and CIR imagery in a dense, mountainous forest. Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 79(1):37-49

For more on the paper, see the abstract here.


Kelly passes her PhD exam!

Congrats to Kelly on passing her PhD exam last week!

Kelly is a second year Ph.D. student. She is interested in protected land conservation, climate change, coastal management, and spatial modeling.


GradFest! Shufei, Miriam, Ellen and Melissa are giving talks today

It's Grad Fest time!

Four grads with connections to the lab are giving finishing talks today. Two students who have been in and around the lab for some time are talking:

Ellen Kersten “From Assessment to Action: The Use and Abuse of Data to Promote Health Equity”

Melissa Eitzel “Synthesizing Multiple Data Sources to Understand the Population and Community Ecology of California Trees”

As well as two lab members:

Shufei Lei “Mapping Webs of Information, Conversation, and Social Connections: Evaluating the Mechanics of Collaborative Adaptive Management in the Sierra Nevada Forests”

Miriam Tsalyuk “The Effect of Landscape Parameters on African Elephants (Loxodonta africana) Movement Decisions”

Congrats to all of them!