Cooperative Extension is an engine for problem solving in California 

The Cooperative Extension Service was established in 1914 in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Land Grant colleges. In California, Cooperative Extension is organized through the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the division of the University of California system with a public mandate and the public trust to share research-based information with the public about healthy communities, nutrition, agricultural production and environmental stewardship. UC Berkeley was the first Land Grant college in California, and CNR currently has ~20 CE specialists.

My Extension Program: Most of the challenges we face in California natural, agricultural and urban systems require some kind of mapping technology as part of their solution. My outreach program involves creation, integration, and application of research-based technical knowledge for the benefit of the public, policy-makers, and land managers. My work focuses on environmental management, vegetation change, vegetation monitoring, and climate change. I'll get a few key examples up soon.