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Spatial‐temporal tree mortality patterns associated with SOD

Liu, D., M. Kelly, P. Gong and Q. Guo. 2007. Characterizing spatial‐temporal tree mortality patterns associated with a new forest disease. Forest Ecology and Management 253 (1‐3): 220‐231

Inhomogeneous cross-K-functions of SOD and California bay trees: the peak in the dark line indicates co-clusteringArticle here. We analyzed the spatial–temporal patterns of overstory oak tree mortality in China Camp State Park, CA over 4 years using the point patterns mapped from high spatial resolution remotely sensed imagery. Both univariate and multivariate spatial point pattern analyses were performed (inhomogeneous K-functions and Neyman–Scott point processes) to characterize the spatial dependence among dead oak trees in each year, and between dead oaks and CA bay trees.

Keywords: Sudden Oak Death; Spatial–temporal patterns; Spatial point pattern analysis; Inhomogeneous K function; Neyman–Scott point process