Welcome to the Kellylab page!

Our motto is "mapping for a changing California", and we use a range of mapping techniques - remote sensing, object-based image analysis, geospatial modeling, lidar analysis, participatory mapping, web visualization, and field-based monitoring - to answer applied questions about how and why California landscapes are changing, and what that means for the people who live on, derive sustenance from, and manage them. Here you will find information on people in our lab, our projects, and some connections to other groups and sites of interest. For more on geospatial technology on campus and around the state, check out the geospatial innovation facility (GIF), and the ANR Statewide Program on Informatics and GIS (IGIS). Enjoy, connect on twitter @nmaggikelly, check out the blog, and stay in touch.

Welcome to 2018

I'm keeping the ROYGBIV, since it is oh so pretty. 2017 was a busy and eventful one, but we made it through with some positive news.  On the publication front we saw a couple of pieces from the IGIS program, about drones of course, and Jenny's wonderful paper on collaborative geospatial tools came out in CEUS. I *think* what will be the final paper in a series about the VTM project came out in PERS, and our long awaited paper on the impact of error in Lidar-derived forest metrics on fire behavior models came out in RS. 

2018 is going to be bittersweet as Kelly and Jenny prepare to fly from the nest in spring, but Christine, Chippie, Erin, and I will soldier on.  

Andy compiled a nice Year in Review for the IGIS program - we were so busy! 

Fall 2017 was all about clear priorities and gratitude, and I hope those lessons are sustained through 2018. Onwards everyone!