Check out ArcExplorer - the website, a flash version of the application, and a downloadable version. It's similar to GoogleEarth but allows you to also view data themes overlayed on the map (e.g. the census data, etc.). Looks like there are a few problems too -- like the projection is clearly bias towards USA so if you zoom in on Europe the countries look squished. Anyway, it has potentials... OH, it's FREE. (surprise surprise!)

Spreadsheet Mapper 2.0

John Deck was way ahead of Google when he created Berkeley Mapper. His service includes a feature that allows users to input point data into a Google Documents spreadsheet. The data is then added to a database and displayed in Google Maps. Well, Google has just released its second version of its spreadsheet mapper. Similar to Berkeley Mapper, users simply enter their data into a spreadsheet and the appropriate KML and Google Map are generated. There are still many differences between the two tools and Berkeley mapper is more tailored to the needs of collaborative research. Nonetheless, Spreadsheet Mapper offers yet another option for compiling and mapping tabular data.

New LE tool: Conefor Sensinode 2.2: Software for quantifying the importance of habitat patches for landscape connectivity

New Patch/Corridor tool: CONEFOR SENSINODE 2.2. This is a new software that allows quantifying the importance of habitat areas for the maintenance or improvement of landscape connectivity. It is conceived as a tool for decision-making support in landscape planning and habitat conservation, through the identification and prioritization of critical sites for ecological connectivity. I know nothing about it, but looks cool.