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ESRI is pleased to offer a variety of instructor-led training courses to explain GIS concepts, explore GIS Applications, and teach you to use ESRI software to meet your specific needs. Below is a list of upcoming courses in Sacramento, California.  For more information or to register for a class, please click on the class name or visit . For other training questions, please contact your Training Coordinator at .

Sacramento, California Classes


March 10 – 11 – Data Management in the Multiuser Geodatabase

This course prepares GIS and database administrators to implement an ArcSDE geodatabase by teaching how to load and manage ArcSDE data. The course presents concepts applicable to both workgroup and enterprise ArcSDE geodatabases but focuses primarily on the enterprise ArcSDE geodatabase. Students learn the basic architecture of a multiuser geodatabase and are introduced to ArcSDE connection types. The course focuses on loading and managing vector and raster data and emphasizes best practices for interacting with a multiuser geodatabase. Students explore multiuser geodatabase design strategies and editing options for data stored in a multiuser geodatabase, including versioning. This course is designed for GIS and database administrators who want to implement a workgroup or enterprise ArcSDE geodatabase.


March 12 – 14 – ArcGIS Server Enterprise Configuration and Tuning for SQL Server

This course prepares Microsoft® SQL Server® database administrators to implement an enterprise geodatabase by teaching how to set up an individual ArcSDE server. Students get familiar with the ArcSDE architecture and learn how to configure SQL Server to support ArcSDE, install and configure ArcSDE, and identify and troubleshoot connection types and issues. The course emphasizes the importance of managing storage settings for loading vector and raster data and teaches techniques for maintaining geodatabase performance in an editing environment. Additionally, the course explains how ArcSDE interacts with SQL Server databases and presents solid strategies for maintaining and managing an enterprise geodatabase. This course is designed for experienced SQL Server database administrators who need to understand how to install and configure an enterprise geodatabase.