Happy Holidays 2009! Map-related gift ideas for the economic recovery

Just in time for the holidays: a round-up of cool map-themed gifts and chotchkies for the house... when the economy recovers.

First, the incomperably beautiful (and justifiably pricey) map butterflies from image surgery. These ethereal beauties would look great on any wall. Check out this specimen at left.

A more solid but no less beautiful option is the customizable fruit bowl (or brooch, or table, or clock - is there no end to their creativity?) from FluidForm. You can pick your area from a google maps interface (multilple scales supported!), and they will create a one-of-a-kind 3-D bowl using computer-controlled router dealie. Just don't pick an island or your fruit will roll away.  Very cool. 

While technically not for sale, we can't omit the proliferation of wildly inventive and gorgeous examples of map art (some displayed here at inventorspot.com - look at this carto-fabulous ball gown!). 

And finally... If only this beaute was available: the 1920s-era proto-gps watch, complete with tiny scrollable paper maps printed on individual canisters of rolled paper. Look at those little tiny road maps. From Portable Content.