GIS-related courses for Spring 2016

Hello World!

There are several GIS classes to chose from in the spring. So far we have: 

Lower division:

  • ESPM 72 Geographic Information Systems *Not sure who is teaching this yet*

Upper division:

  • Biging, G & Radke, J ESPM 177 GIS and Environmental Spatial Data Analysis
  • Chambers, J    GEOG 185    Earth System Remote Sensing   
  • O'Sullivan, D   GEOG 187 Geographic Information Analysis


  • Radke, J    LDARC 221    Quantitative Methods in Environmental Planning
  • Dronova, I LDARC 221 Applied Remote Sensing
  • Chambers, J GEOG 285 Topics in Earth System Remote Sensing
  • Wang, I   ESPM 290 Special Topics in Environmental Science: Spatial Ecology

Email me with others.