GeoLocateFox extension for Firefox

For all you Firefox users, There is a firefox extension that adds locational information for select web pages. See http://robert.accet for more info. Click here with your browser (Firefox) for download and install. Extension adds a little globe in the bottom right of the browser, which glows yellow when it detects a geo-enabled web page. Hover for a small pop up window, and when double clicked, it will bring up a new window with and display whatever locational information saved with that particular web page. See the GIIF web site for an example (you may have to refresh the website if it is already cached). All you have to add to your own web page in order to geo-enable it is a simple geo-tag (eg. place '< meta NAME="geo.position" CONTENT="37.872250; -122.264804" >' somewhere between HEAD and /HEAD in your default.html file).