Add this to your GIS bibliography

Since some readers of this blog entered the fields of GIS and Remote Sensing fairly recently, it's possible that you may have never encountered McNoleg (1996), a keystone paper that even now, 10 years after its initial publication, deserves to be widely cited in the geospatial literature. I strongly recommend that you read it carefully tomorrow (Saturday, April 1st).

McNoleg, O., 1996, "The integration of GIS, remote sensing, expert systems and adaptive co-kriging for environmental habitat modeling of the Highland Haggis using object-oriented, fuzzy-logic and neural-network techniques," Computers & Geosciences 22(5): 585-588. Abstract: A report is given on several major breakthroughs in geomatics, and their application is demonstrated on a particularly difficult habitat modeling exercise...

Read the rest here in pdf format... (I may take this link down within a week or so but fear not - the article is available online through the UCB library).