GISC: Towards Uncharted Ground: Accessing and Preserving Geospatial Data into the Future

"Towards Uncharted Ground Accessing and Preserving Geospatial Data into the Future" Date: Friday, September 29 Time: 9 am to 12 pm Location: 112 Wurster Hall, UC Berkeley campus Geographic information systems have become pervasive across academia, government, and industry. Much GIS data have long-term or permanent value, but little has been done to assure their longevity. Compared to traditional cartography, geographic data can encode more complex spatial information and are much more accessible. But data are also far more mutable and subject to loss. This meeting brings together a panel of experts for an informal discussion of the problem of managing the persistence of geographic information. * John Radke, UC Berkeley Geographic Information Science Center * Richard Marciano, San Diego Supercomputer Center * Dyung Le, National Archives and Records Administration * Steve Morris, North Carolina State University * Barry Napier, US Forest Service * Ray McDowell, State of California Spatial Information Library * John Wiezcorek, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology Presented by: National Archives and Records Administration, Pacific Region Geographic Information Science Center, University of California For more information go to: Or contact (650) 238-3468 or Free and open to the public.