World According to Google on KQED

"This program artfully explores the ethical and philosophical questions surrounding the work of one of today's most innovative enterprises. In this documentary, Google divulges its process of hiring the brightest in the industry and gives us a glimpse into its Mountain View, California and London offices. Vint Cerf, dubbed the "Father of the Internet" and Google insider since 2004, shows us the inner workings of a powerhouse company that began as a research project by two 20-something Ph.D candidates at Stanford. With its company motto "Don't Be Evil," Google appears to have the best of intentions. But some worry that Google is slowly becoming Big Brother, keeping track of users and making editorial decisions about the information it provides." Link KQED Channel 9Tue, Oct 30, 2007 -- 9:00 pm ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Saw a preview for this today, had a quick clip of Google Earth, it will be interesting to see if they address some of the privacy and data censorship issues we've discussed over the last few months. Cheers, Josh