Using LiDAR las files in next eCognition version

via Andreas Lang at the Definiens Community

Can we load and process LiDAR las files in Definiens eCognition (Developer or Server) directly?

The new Definiens software will have two ways for handling las files via converting them into rasters directly in the Software:

  • a raster driver for loading and visualizing these kind of images (with an appropriate dialog for setting the resolution for converting the point cloud to a 2D raster) using the driver the user can see the intensity data and select an appropriate subset;
  • an algorithm for converting the existing loaded image layer (las file) into a feasible layer with appropriate data of intensity, elevation, class or number of returns for further processing with much more functionality for filtering:
    • By Return (All/First/All)
    • By Classes
    The user can also select the kind of calculation for a raster cell value (Average, Minimum, Maximum, Median, Most frequently. value).