Summer 2014 Wrap Up

What we worked on summer 2014

VTM collection

Like old maps? Have we got a project for you... For more than 10 years now I have been working on and obsessed with the maps and data from the Wieslander Vegetation Type Mapping project. The original collection has been digitized, and both the analog and digital version are finally being reunited under the auspices of HOLOS. Stay tuned for the launch!

Vegetation maps courtesy of Shufei Lei

Owls and Lidar, and more broadly remote sensing of owl habitat

What is the best way to map owl habitat? Owls need canopy cover, moderate tree sizes, and large residual trees. What is the best way to map these forest characteristics over large scales? We are working with the Forest Service owl biologists to understand how owls use Sierra Nevada forests.


Our nearly 10 year project to establish an adaptive management process in the Sierra Nevada is coming to an end this year. We have learned so much, and are working on our final report that will be shared later this fall.

On the staffing side

We are so happy for Kevin Koy who is leaving the GIF to be the Executive Director of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science. We are actively searching for his replacement. If you are interested, look here.