Another new journal: Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment

They say: With the launch of this new journal, Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment focuses on providing a platform for describing innovative methods and scientific results from the application of remote sensing technology to a wide range of societal and environmental relevant topics including local, national and international policy, regulatory and management challenges.

With over four decades of data and information coming from for instance space-based instruments, remote sensing has become a familiar part of daily life in our modern society. To name just a few, weather forecasts, precision farming, mapping natural phenomena and disasters, population trends, urbanization and dynamic, virtual animations all use remotely sensed data, such as satellite images. Although remote sensing data is widely available, scientific analysis, methodological development and uncertainty characterization is necessary before data can be transformed into information for improved decision making and better understanding of the dynamics of our environment.

(Alice, this sounds like it would have been perfect for our crime paper!)